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Website hosting is one of the most crucial, yet often overlooked, aspects of a successful website. Web servers provide a myriad of services including running databases, email, performing DNS resolution and much more. Without a web server specifically configured to run the files that make up a website, users have no way of accessing and interacting with it.

A secure web server is less likely to be hacked, suffer from performance issues, or experience extended downtime. All of these issues will affect the websites on the server and can lead to lower search engine rankings, lost profits, and even legal issues (in the case of compromised e-commerce websites).

Our Murrieta Managed web hosting clients can rest easy knowing that our dedicated servers are fully under our control; the only websites we host are those that we personally manage. All security and software updates, including WordPress website updates, are closely monitored by our team of Murrieta website hosting experts; ensuring our clients’ websites run efficiently with as little downtime as possible.

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    Dedicated vs. Shared Website Hosting: What’s the Difference?

    Dedicated Website Hosting in Murrieta

    Dedicated website hosting means one company controls an entire server. We rent dedicated servers from our trusted hosting provider and manage everything in-house. We decide which websites are hosted on the server, the software updates and security patches to install, and the timetable in which we do so.

    Our Murrieta web hosting clients are not at the mercy of a shared hosting provider who randomly assigns their website to a server with hundreds of unknown sites on it; we look at metrics such as potential traffic, database usage, and security requirements before we place a website on one of our dedicated servers, and place the website on the server that will best meet the sites’ needs.

    Shared Web Hosting

    Shared web hosting is a choice for many small blogs or businesses with limited budgets. The cost of shared hosting is much less than the cost of managed, dedicated web hosting because hosting providers cram as many websites onto each server as they possibly can, in order to maximize their bottom line.

    There are several likely concerns to consider when choosing shared Murrieta website hosting Dedicated servers are better than shared servers for security, performance, and updates.

      Dedicated Server Shared Server
    Security Dedicated:
    Only hosting accounts specifically managed by Ten9 IT Services are allowed on the server. Our rigorous update schedule and security practices means the likelihood of a compromised server is much lower compared to shared hosting.
    Your website will likely reside on a shared server with hundreds of random websites that you have absolutely no control over. One insecure website on your shared server can affect your website in negative ways, including poor performance or hacking, which can negatively affect your search engine optimization.
    Performance Dedicated:
    Our servers have more than enough resources for all of our clients’ websites. We continuously monitor resource use to ensure performance is within acceptable ranges.
    Shared servers have a limited set of resources; the more websites that are hosted on a server, the fewer dedicated resources each website has. As more and more websites are crammed on a shared server, it is likely your website will load slower, which can also affect SEO by causing lower rankings.
    Updates Dedicated:
    Because we control every website on our servers we’re able to deploy software updates in a timely manner and ensure all of our clients’ websites will continue to work once they’re installed.
    Shared web servers are sometimes slow to be updated, which can lead to potential security issues. With many websites on a single server, hosting companies provide an extended period for websites to become compatible with a new version of software before updating the server.
    Murrieta Managed web hosting servers

    Fully-Managed Website Servers

    At Ten9 IT Services, we understand that a fast, reliable website is of the highest importance to our customers and we aim to meet this demand with our fully-managed web hosting service in Murrieta. We know what it takes to securely host your web application, whether it’s a small static site or enterprise-level app. We maintain updates, perform security checks, enhance performance, and guarantee your website is online with a 99.999% uptime SLA, so our customers can stop agonizing about their website being offline and start concentrating on running their business.

    Murrieta Hosting Features


    We provide virtual dedicated servers secured with firewalls, virus and malware scanning, strong password requirements and encrypted access.


    We maintain regular backups of files, databases and email for every hosting account, including WordPress sites.


    Our servers are configured for speed, including the use of page-level caching mechanisms, CDN, image optimization and compression.


    We constantly monitor all accounts for security updates, evidence of malicious code/hacks, DDoS attacks, increased traffic and low performance.


    Our servers have the necessary memory, disk space, and bandwidth to handle the busiest of websites. With easily scalable resources, we handle peak traffic with ease.


    With a centrally located datacenter, our servers are primed to deliver content quickly and efficiently across the country. Utilize our CDN to add increased performance.

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