Hosted Exchange Email

Exchange Email: Business vs. Consumer-grade

Hosted Exchange from Ten9 IT Services is business email that lets your company communicate and collaborate more effectively than with other email platforms.

Many businesses are pigeonholed into using consumer email platforms such as POP or IMAP, or services like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL. These email platforms may suffice for personal use, but they lack the security, collaboration, management, and mobility that many businesses must have in order to realize full productivity.

Exchange e-mail is one of many hosted cloud services we offer.

Key Features of Hosted Exchange

Unlimited Storage

Never worry about the size of your inbox.

Access to all of your email on all your devices.


Enterprise-class security and stringent privacy controls help you address regulations like HIPAA, FINRA and others.

99.999% Uptime SLA

Our service level agreement guarantees less than 30 seconds of monthly unplanned downtime.

iOS device running Outlook and Exchange

30+ integrated services

Hosted Exchange can be bundled with file backup, file sharing, cloud voice, email archiving, and many other services.


We are here whenever a problem arises, to help configure your devices, and more.


We will move your data to our cloud with no downtime so you can continue doing business as usual.

Benefits of Hosted Exchange E-mail


Doing business is no longer confined to the office. Exchange is designed specifically for touchscreens, mobile usability, and offline productivity. It helps ensure your employees can work efficiently, regardless of location or device.

See why hosted Exchange is the new standard for business email.


Our business-grade email solution is designed with compliance and security in mind. With features such as encryption, access restrictions, mobile device management and password enforcement, hosted Exchange from Ten9 IT Services delivers true enterprise-grade protection across the board.


As the world’s leading platform, Exchange unifies business email, calendar, contacts and other Microsoft® applications. It provides your employees with all the tools they need to work and collaborate with other colleagues.

Save Capital

There’s no need to purchase servers and license software, or spend weeks building or upgrading your infrastructure. With a predictable monthly per-user fee, you offload the costs of an on-premises deployment.


There are certain IT services businesses cannot operate without. Getting all of your essential IT services from one provider simplifies your deployment, while utilizing one trusted source.

Better Management

The Ten9 IT Services framework provides a full suite of tools for managing employees, settings, policies, tools, devices, backups and applications. These tools are ideal for technical IT staff, but simple enough for non-technical staff to manage on their own, if they desire.

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